GIA Sweden

GIA Sweden AB – Global Incentives Advisor 

GIA Sweden AB (GIA) is one of Sweden’s leading consultancy firms in the area of EU grants and public funding. We have, since 1997, served as a trusted advisor to more than 1,000 Swedish and foreign companies and generated several billion SEK in public funding for various business and investment projects.

GIA Sweden AB cooperates with PNO Consultants and Ernst & Young. Together we form a global network of specialists in the field of public funding. The network strengthens our ability to create attractive funding solutions for our customers in Europe and globally.

Our client list include inter alia; research institutes and universities (such as Karolinska Institute, IVL Swedish Environmental research institute, Royal Institute of Technology, Samarkand2015/Ångströms-laboratoriet etc), large and small companies (such as Novige AB, Mycorena AB, Gränges AB, Alfa Laval Lund AB, Volvo PV AB, Scania CV AB, AGA Gas AB, Södra Skogsägarna, ClimateWell AB etc), public bodies (such as Business Region Gothenburg, Biogas East, Lerums kommun, Kalmar kommun etc).

GIA Sweden consist of a number of experts in the field of public financing, all with many years of experience. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in EU- and national law, budgetary issues and other administrative criteria, allows us to work with all types of public funding, suitable for any type of investment and project. Our starting point is always the specific needs and plans of the client and we will subsequently apply our proven model in customizing a funding plan with regards to your requirements.

Regardless of whether your organisation have previous experience from working with public funding or if you are new to the field, GIA Sweden will help you to put in place a winning strategy for how to develop projects of the quality necessary, and improve your organisation’s chances of receiving public funding.

GIA Sweden can offer support throughout the whole application process including the preparation/writing of professional applications as well as managing the necessary contacts with partners and the relevant grant bodies (including the European Commission). We match project objectives to the topics of the call/program and develop high-quality arguments for the funding of the particular project.

GIA Sweden also assists in project management and project administration (i.e. preparation of formal technical and financial reports that are required under the rules of the funding scheme). We can also offer legal support, such as drafting contract agreements between partners (consortium agreements etc) and general support in relation to contract negotiations with the responsible authority.

GIA Sweden can offer the following services

  • Customer specific guidance with regards to EU-grants and other types of public funding.
  • Project specific analysis identifying suitable EU grants and public funding.
  • Development of high-quality applications to the European Commission and national grant authorities.
  • Support in the contact and communication with relevant grant bodies and authorities.
  • Development of an innovation strategy for your organization, in order to better qualify future projects and investments for public funding.
  • National and international partner search.
  • Legal expertise during negotiations and drafting of agreements (consortium agreements etc.).
  • Administrative support during the implementation phase of funded projects and investments.
  • Development of high-quality formal reports (technical and financial) to relevant authorities.
  • Taylor-made and customer specific workshops and seminars.

Gain access to a global network of high level experts in public funding
GIA Sweden cooperates with a global network of experts in EU-grants and public funding. Through this collaboration we assist companies and organisations in mapping the options of public funding and create professional applications in Europe as well as the USA, South America and Asia. The network also ensures a close contact with the various institutions of the EU.